[March 2021] Q&A with Barbara Dymerska, Korbinian Eckstein, and Simon Robinson

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The March 2021 Q&A is with Simon Robinson and Korbinian Eckstein (Medical University of Vienna) and Barbara Dymerska, by Highlights contributor Eva Alonso-Ortiz. Their paper is “Phase unwrapping with a rapid opensource minimum spanning tree algorithm (ROMEO)”.

Barbara Dymerska and Korbinian Eckstein

From left to right: David Bancelin (post-doc in Simon’s group working on the correction of physiological noise using fMRI phase), Simon Robinson, Beata Bachrata (a PhD student Simon’s group: a co-author on ROMEO and ISMRM YIA finalist in the 2021 competition for the I.I. Rabi Award), Korbinian Eckstein, and Pedro Cardoso (post-doc working with Prof. Siegfried Trattnig on fingerprinting in clinical populations; formerly working in Simon’s on exploratory fMRI analysis).